It’s here, SPRING has finally arrived and NN STYLE CARTEL would like to say HELLO SPRING by giving one lucky viewer a chance to top off their Spring Look with a gorgeous Necklace.
To win this necklace, kindly see below;
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♡Winner will be announced on a Special Spring fever Post on Monday 15 September 2014.

(Shoes available at www.heelberry.com)
Good luck munchies.
We think Spring is nature’s way to say, “Let’s Party”. It’s a subtle season with so much reason to have fun and look good. Think floral prints and colour, especially today as it’s 01 September.  The weather in Durban is not as Springy as we would have loved it to be, so our floral prints are hidden under coats, somebody please tell Winter she can go on vacation now, till next time . Nonetheless the streets look gorgeous and bright this morning, as people welcome the new season.
Fufu’s Spring OOTD.
Spring is about all things bright and exposed, see our random pics that idolise SPRING.
Its about changing your office space, add some colour with Flowers and flowery hand creams.
Colourful Drinks, Cocktails and all. 
The smallest things count in spring, the blooming of the tiniest flowers. 
Trendy delightful foods.
Your boots need a rest now, dust your sandals because the beach sand misses you so.
Don’t wait for a man to get you flowers, support a local florist if you have to, but FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS!!!
Mirror Shades are in this season, grab yourself a pair! 
Hope You also welcomed Spring with a good look.

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