Spicy Sports Luxe | Adidas

There’s nothing more amazing then doing what you love, like exploring the sports luxe trend and just taking snaps.

That feeling of fulfillment in seeing the result of your passion being transferred into something thats tangible accessible, sometimes you might have challenges that try to break you down and looses focus but its all entirely up to you to overcome these demons and fight your way back to finding your true meaning of existence.

Well… lets gets back to business. Sports luxe is definitely a trend we love to hold on to and quite frankly we see it lasting years to come. Power house labels like Adidas and Puma are making sure they keep it going. So I decided to take my 3 stripes for a spin in the streets of Durban.


Shades: Cotton On R199.00
White Tee: Jet Kids R59.90
Track Pants: Sports Scene
Silver Stiletto Sandal: Edgars by Kelso R399.00
Silver twist chain: Foshini
Faux Fur Coat: Blaze

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