With the ending clasps of winter weather upon us, most of us “FASHIONISTAS” are looking forward to warmer months and trendier, most Daring outfits. We know how hard it is to swing from one trend to another, with this in mind we have gone and collected a few looks for whats what this Spring.
The Spring fashion trends below, are soon to be seen invading the streets…. remember, the only thing that beats the weather is LOOKING AWESOME.
Many might turn into color loving freaks, pattern clashing Divas and Floral wearing men…. Only the BRAVE will survive this springs trends.

Most of our designers have gone for monochrome (neutral), black-and-white, restrained and toneless looks. The great part of these trends is that it goes for those that want to look Fashionable and Professional at the same time, the trends suit any environment whether Sleek or Chic.We personally LOVE color, we see a lot of pastel and neutral colors which are basic but seem to work the 2013 Spring months.  

#STRIPED #STIPES #SPRING #STYLE… Very clean look!!

we noticed and thought we should share with you that leather is back, its back in a more modernized, simple styles… Yes we do have those days in Spring that need you to throw on a jacket and the leather coat can keep your spring cool going… Trust us you don’t have to be dull in Spring….. Wait a second, have you seen the trending leather shorts and skater skirts??? If not, WHY NOT? get this for your spring closet…!


An essential for the spring weather is statement sunglasses, lets put common and basic aside and go for something more audacious. its not a train smash to get these, u can get them in any shape, size and style u like… it may even be at that corner boutique you’ve been avoiding, GET THEM!!!


Most people cringe and flinch when they think of wearing PRINTS.. well alternate that fear with bold stripes and Polkas, these look awesome when worn with dark solid colours, blacks, navies and calmed with jeans even just for an even more chilled look.  

Its the 21st century and we dare to look different, have you seen how CHIC the SHORTS SUIT looks?, show some leg, nothng more attracting than looking SEXY yet corporate at the same damn time. 


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