Its been a minute munchies, well we have loads to share with you’ll, but first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Coming out of the festive season you must know how much wearing and daring has been happening well keep watching for the post that will follow.

Once again Sweat pants make it to the blog, as a comfy garment, its more of a rock and go thing. Sweat pants are a one of those things you wanna wear when you go shopping or you know you have a long day ahead and the last thing you want is an outfit that will itch you and cut your day short.

FuFu wore: Grey and Blue short sweatpants
                : Blue and Grey Vans
                : White Cartoon printed top, with cut out back which she did herself and
                : Silver accessory

Nomthy wore: Black sweatpants
                     : Studded Jean top
                     : Bambata Snapback
                     : Red Vans and
                     : Gold accessory

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