An Absolute Taste Of Summer | Coca Cola Inspired Fashion

Although Durban is known mostly for its good weathers, It was particularly a lovely summer day in Durban and we thought to ourselves, why not use this beautiful light to our advantage and do what we do best “Lights, Camera, Pose”.
With thirst in mind and the heat in the air, the shoot was then inspired by Cokes and the catch phrase “Taste Summer”, so we decided to not just drink a little coke but do a feature. Coke’s branding is casual, fun and easy to identify, a proper summer drink, so putting the quick looks together wasn’t at all a problem. Luckily for us we have comparable T-shirt’s so it was settled then that we pair off the T-shirts with denim shorts and statement shoes to complete the look. 
While scouting for a location we spotted really cool convenience stores along the Embankment of the Durban harbor and decided to try the spot out. A cool store owner kindly agreed for us to use his shop as our shoot location and we went to town with it. We had so much fun with the concept have a look at what we did and don’t forget to follow us on instagram @nnstylecartel.
Thandazo’s look:
Shades: China Mall
Earrings: LEGIT 
T-Shirt: Vintage Lover CT (online)
Shorts: Mr Price 
Shoes: Nike
Fufu’s look:
Shades: Mr Price
Earrings: LEGIT
T-Shirt: Edgars 
Shorts: Cotton On
Shoes: EBay
Photography By: Mapule Mpanza (@Mapuleh_M)

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