The 32 Clothing Experience

Last week Friday, NN Style Cartel was invited to be a part of the 32 Clothing Launch Event, at the store which is located in Johannesburg, CBD, Corner Rissik and Plein Street.

Welcomed by warm smiles and friendly handshakes as we walked into their rather huge fashion store the first thing that caught the eye was the huge variety of clothing and the racks of shoes “ a girls favourite”. Briefly we were handed our goodies, welcomed to the store and set free to roam around and feed the eye.

About 32 Clothing, By David, Alix and Partner

“Well we have established ourselves as the leading “off-price” wholesale retailer of leading Brands from abroad the world. We are all about Bulk buying and relevant purchases” -says a very confident David.

32Clothing aims to keep up with modern trends, brands and quality at a very low price, matchless infact, with discounts of up to 80% from original retail prices, they travel to as far as Europe (and other places) to handpick appropriate garments that are up to date with the constantly changing fashion trends.

They have created an atmosphere that is set to give their consumers a ‘Unique Shopping Experience’, they always welcome the shoppers warmly and in a special way (agreed) because to the Comfort is key. 32Clothing offers value to all their customers no matter what type of customer they are.

They have two types of customers according to their buy category;
The Buy to Sell customer
The Regular Customer.

A customer that purchases for more than R2000.00 for example, may get a discount offer.
The store is sorted in sections, Gender, Size and Garment type, this includes their Kiddies section, they also set they prices looking at the RRP (Recommended Retail Price). They keep a good relationship between their customers and themselves. The 32Clothing Partners do a lot of research on their garments and invest a lot of time into grading and pricing all their findings, mentioning this, they have 15 hands on associates within the company, they have a constant floor change every 5-6 days, so you are guaranteed to find new pieces every week, they have multiple brands to offer and each garment, if your lucky, will have a limited number of stocks if any.

“We are working on a Proven and tested concept around the world, we chose this particular location to start off, because its suits the African Continent and the Joburg Down Town feel, once this baby is on its feet, we will definitely look at growing”- says a humble David.

Please see the link below to their website to understand more:


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