The Art of attending the Races: Vodacom Durban July

Hello Lovely Fashionistas

Guess what??? July is sneaking upon us and when we all hear that month we instantly think of the greatest horse racing sporting event EVER!!! The Vodacom Durban July of course. First held in July 1897 at a distance of as little as 1 mile, this thoroughbred horse race has been held annually on the first Saturday of July since 1987 at our very own Greyville Race course in Durban. The Durban July otherwise known as the handicap has since grown astonishingly, from the size of the course itself right down to the attendance which has seen numbers as much as 50 000 attendees a year. The combination of the 20 racing thoroughbreds and posh fashion is what makes this prestigious event what is today. Well there you have it if you don’t know about it now well now you know now let’s get you all prepped up for the big day shall we.  

Elegant Lisa in the 1911. Simple & Stylish 

We all love dressing up and making sure we look posh and dapper for the races however we don’t always get it right the first time or the second , the third time too and that’s what were here for NN Style Cartel to the rescue to make sure you get it right all the time. When there’s theme involved it’s always a good idea to take a min and do some research on the subject at hand. Now we absolutely love this year’s theme because one of the 1stthing we automatically thought of was Titanic, the ambiance, the parties, the music but best of all the elegant dress sense in the 1911’s which pretty much gives you an idea of what you should be aiming for. Now the invite states ‘When ones invited to the Captain’s Table, one has too one has to up one’s game’ and it’s that one line to us that sets the tone and the standards for the event so you better call your seamstress or tailor if you haven’t better let them know that it’s time to take it to the next LEVEL. When attending events like this there’s a couple of things you need to know like horse racing lingo:

HANDICAPRace for which a handicapper assigns weights to be carried. Also, to handicap a race, to make selections on the basis of the past performances.

MONEY RIDERA rider who excels in rich races.

BAD ACTORFractious horse.

DAMMother of a Thoroughbred.

GOOD BOTTOMTrack that is firm under the surface, which may be sloppy or wet.

And if for some reason you still not sure where to get your tickets, you can thank us later so here’s what you need to do; Tickets are available now at Computicket nationally or you can make your way to Greyville Racecourse sales office on Avondale Road  tickets will be available from the 15th of June as well as on RaceDay at all entrances to the Greyville Racecourse. Let’s Do This!!!

5 Quick Tips on Dressing for the Races


1.       Try by all means to dress according to the Theme, just to along with the fun idea of the whole event.

2.     We love out of the box creations! However going overboard is a different story, Try keeping it as classy yet stylish as possible. Wow the crowd elegantly.

 3.     Hats and Fascinators are absolutely stunning they can make your outfit go from drab to FAB!!! Wear headwear!!!

 4.     Keeping an emergency kit and the included safety pins to Lip Gloss, it can be life saver. Wardrobe and Make Up malfunctions are not welcome, this is Your day to Shine!

 5.     Lastly, SMILE and Take a selfie…. better yet take a bestie selfie. 


  1.       If You’re going to wear a tie make sure you do it right and if you can’t you can thank us after checking out this Link >> http://www.tie-a-tie.net/  

2.     Nothing screams Dapper like a perfectly tailored suit, smooth finish and clean cuts…In other words make sure your suit fits!!! Even if it means digging a bit deeper in the pocket.

 3.     If you’re attending with the partner you have to dress up just as much, by all means avoid going over the top or let your partner choose your outfit for you. Put your foot down!

 4.     Please guys if you opt to carry a “man-bag”, just don’t okay!!  please just leave it at home or in your car, or set it on fire.

5. If there’s one thing you need the most it’s to smell good (PLEASE!). There’s just something about a good whiff complementing the good looks.


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