The Birth of #FashionFriendsSA by FOSCHINI

Hello hello,

We are on the move, we chasing growth and exposure, we are all for women empowerment and growing the number of Women that are comfortable in their own Skin and Size across South Africa.  No woman should feel alone, no woman should feel unworthy and no woman should be graded in society.

Early this year, Mehloe (1/2 NN Style Cartel) went up to Cape Town for a Foschini Winter Shoot, which will be launching 16 April 2015, unfortunatelly we cant share the pics with you guys, but it will be worth the wait.

Whilst ‘enroute’ to the Launch of this Winter trend, we would like to drive the Brand of #FashionFriendsSA with you guys, lookout for this hashtag for fashion news and updates, also day to day fashion looks. This #hashtag is driven by women that are here to support each other in any platfrom, there are no gradings nor standards that should make any other women wishing to speak to us feel they can’t meet. Foschini has given full support in this drive, and this is only the beginning.

Checkout Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to follow the #FashionFriendsSA movement, you will love it.

Enjoy some Snaps of this vibrant movement, also remember that meeting a fashion friend will always benefit in one way or another another. Feel free to tweet/ instagram @mehloe if you have any questions regarding the Fashion Friends campaign/ movement.

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