The Jumpsuit

We all are often lazy to think what to pair with our favorite pair of jeans with or what would go with a pair of elegant trousers, so the JUMPSUIT should come to the rescue at such time.

the One-piece garment, cam be dressed down or up, If you are looking for a more casual look, to meet up with the girls for lunch, beach day or run errands, pick the more light materialized cotton jumpsuit, one that has prints and more playful colors. Then for an evening affair, meeting or cocktail event, pick a black Jumpsuit, the details will help you determine the suitable occasion, length plays an important part too, so be careful when deciding. 
when picking the right jumpsuit, take into consideration your body type and the type of pant design you like, be it skinny or wide leg, remember this time your are picking an all round outfit.
Get yourself a Jumpsuit this season, Mr Price has very nice ones to choose from.
Below we have just posted a few jumpsuit looks, by celebs, styles you should try really, we would too, in all designs, textures and colours. 

You can pair this one with Timberland Boots, don’t button it all the way to have a laid back look, add a snapback or straw-hat… viola

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