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So we are unleashing the Campaign today, and this is how it will work.

Read the Store write up that we have created for you so you can familiarise yourself with the type of brand it is. Then use our clues to drive yourself closer to the store itself. If you get it, get to that store at the Pavilion Mall, snap a selfie in the store, then upload it to instagram / Twitter or Facebook using the #LovePav #LovePavFashion  hashtags.

Good luck ☆☆☆

This 119 year old “Brand” happens to be the world’s leading producer of Cut Crystal.  This independent and successful producer is represented in 120 countries around the world. In it’s existence, the company has gone through cutting-edge transformations and also inspired trends in its field of jewelry, fashion, accessories, interior decor and development.  Its articulacy is based in central Europe’s heritage culture and it’s ability to create bridges across many sectors.
They have a wide variety of products from beauty, jewelry and accessories, couture jewelry, home accessories,  lighting and gemstones.
Their element lies in the seal that comes with each product. This seal doesn’t just provide the latest security, but it also has a unique 16 digit code that comes with each seal at the bottom of the tag. They then offer an online service, that allows the consumer to verify the authenticity of the product by checking the if the code is valid online.

Clue1- Their slogan is “Crystallised”
Clue2- They offer a sparkling opportunity to customise jewelry alongside an extensive line of ready to wear jewelry.

Imagine life without accessories and jewelry, imagine your dream home without decor and chandeliers, impossible right?. Well thanx to the Fashion filled drive that this store has, to meet our desires and keep us up to date with trends.

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Tomorrow we will have another store

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