The Trapeze/Tiered Dress

The Trapeze which is also known as the “Tiered Dress” trend may just be my new obsession.

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that most of the fashion styles and trends that we are wearing now are making a come back form the past, from high-waisted denim, daddy sneakers to oversized suits trends. I for one, am always digging in my mother’s closet for her old items that are back in trend now – “fashion recycling” – pity she doesn’t have this tiered dress.

I won’t bore you with the history of this dress, I will mention though that Molly Goddard was one of the designers that owned the design for a while before other big named brands all the way to fast fashion brands gave her a run for her money.

The tiered dress was originally designed to have a simple neckline and graze you till the waist then join a new tier and as the tiers add on going down, more fabric is added so that it flows into a wider silhouette, which has since evolved into various styles. The dress that I am wearing has buttons where the dressed skims me till the waist and a nicely rounded collar, the rest of the design leans a lot towards the originality of this chic garment.  I really like how it can be dressed in its simplest day to day form, with a good pair of shoes and cute handbag you really could just be ready to go.

I had fun when I styled this look, I just wanted to add a few settle accessories that wouldn’t steal the shine of the dress.



Thandazo is a digital content creator with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. She recently completed a Content Creators Cohort Programme with Digify Africa and LiveMagSA. She has experience in the media industry and is currently working as a Digital & Content Marketing assistant at Adclick Africa. You can follow her at @mehloe on Twitter and Instagram.

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