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“in tandem”
phrase of tandem – noun
  1. 1.
    alongside each other.
    A group of  people or machines working together

This was just one of the words that came in mind and stuck upon meeting the ISADY(I See A Different You) team. The team came down to Durban to showcase their photographic art work at their gallery exhibition on the 22nd to the 23rd of October where they collaborated with Grants Whiskey to bring us one of the best exhibitions to date.

Grant Whisky and  ISADY  are on a quest, they are travelling around the country, searching for people and moments that represent unity.

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We were very honored to be given the chance to chat and interview the Trio briefly. As they stepped into the gallery they lit up the room with their impeccable, trendy looks. They are just easy to spot as they stand out from the rest, their bold and daring sense of style gives one goosebumps, they are art on feet and resemble “a Different You”. The humbleness of these guys is beyond amazing, as they smile and greet, stopping and posing for pics as they took all the attention in the room. Okay lets not get carried away trying to describe the uniqueness of these guys.

We also had a chance to browse through their gallery and we must say their pieces are striking, inspiring and full of life, their captions for each piece enraptured us as they gave a brief description of the captured moment. One of our favourites were a local brand called Cooloutvintage widely known in Durban for their astounding events and fashion related business, The other had to be a piece which featured Laduma creative behind MaXhosa a apparel band influenced by his cultural background mainly focusing on knitted garments resonating tribal art and patterns.

Interview Time:

We stole the trio away from crowd, just to ask a few questions, and get to know them better, and so we share:

Pics by: Greimedia

The Trio is from Soweto, and is made up of three gentle, very gentlemen, namely; Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli and Vuyo Mpantsha and this is what went down,

Q. Since all of your art pieces as we would like to call them are based on authenticity, what would your own definition authentic be?

A. Rendani – Means being real, being real to your self and not hiding the truth.
     Fhatuwani – It’s not compromising what you believe in, always represent yourself in the best  of ways.
     Vuyo – Just be you at all times

Q. What do you all have in common, that can be used as a “mutual understanding” to keep ISADY going?

A. Rendani – The most common thing that makes us work together so strong is that we all have deep love for where we are from, deep love for our country and how it’s represented to the world. The three of us are workaholics and perfectionists, which makes it easier since we all want the same thing. We all want to see the beauty of our country.
     Fhatuwani – We love nice things

Q. TIA(This is Africa) is one of the has tags mostly used on your Tumblr page, what would you say you love the most about Africa as continent?

A. Vuyo – In actual fact #TIA is a campaign we are currently working on, because the use of this hash tag is most commonly associated with negativity for example a social update reading. “Driving around and there’s massive potholes #TIA” these are the kind of things we are trying to shy away from and in doing so we have incorporated #TIA in most of our posts that project the beauty of Africa rather and being proudly African.

Q. Given these two options, which would you choose;
     –  Blog for Love and Exposure or
     – Blog for Money and almost little exposure(depending on amount of business)

A. Rendani – In anything you want to do, the most important thing is that you must want it, have true  passion and true love for what u want to do. If you go at it first for money and exposure, then you are in the wrong place.
     Fhatuwani – It’s pretty simple, as much as I hate saying it, we never thought it was about that, we never blogged for love or money specifically, we blogged for what we thought was wrong and wanted to change that. But I would say if you do anything, do it for what your heart desires, rather do it for love than for money, money will always follow at the end of the day. We never did it for money or exposure, we were embracing what we love and chasing our goal, because everyone has a goal they trying to achieve.
      Vuyo – Chase great work and money will follow.

Q. What do you see differently about yourself(in terms of individuality, characteristics and uniqueness)?

A. Rendani – Our Personalities balance each other.
     Fhatuwani – Nothing much hey, it’s our personalities that differ, there’s not much of a difference, we share the same interests.

Pics by: Greimedia

We’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the team who granted us this opportunity, The Grants Whiskey team Thembela, Leandi who was so kind to host us for the evening, Sabelo their manager who was well receiving and gave us a chance to speak to them and Griemedia for all the photography. It was a successful night indeed we definitely look forward to next exhibition.

They will be exhibiting in Braamfontien at the Bullion on the 6th of November ( Exlusive Invite)

Be Sure to check them out on the following social networks:
Facebook: ISeeADifferentYou
Instagram: @iseeadifferentyou
Tumblr: Iseeadifferentyou.tumblr.com
Twitter: @iseedifferent

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