Before we blog about anything today we’d just like to extend our deepest condolences to the Mandela family. Not only have they lost a great father but whole world has lost an icon who stood for what was right. Rest in peace Tata Mandela the father of our nation.

Its Monday morning and all we could think about is the great weekend we had witch was full of fashion and fun. We pretty much tried getting everything done from shopping to nails, our hair catching up over lunch and cappuccinos oh and not forgetting the music festival we attended from our balcony hahaha that was fun. We actually managed to do all of this while still trying to look good cause really now it would be fair if we didn’t practice what we preach right :).

The looks we have here are the looks and items we have previously blogged about such as the camouflage, pleather, the chocker one of our favourite the grunge look, just adding to that monochrome and vintage look. Yes if you ask me that’s quite a lot of combinations we’ve just mentioned but were proud to say that we pulled all of these looks off in one weekend how dope is that. Check this out 🙂


 My girl Nom tearing the grunge look apart No pun indented of course.
 Her look
Pleather skirt: Mr price
Athletic shoulder pleather top: Mr Price
Ripped stoking’s: Noms own
Converse sneakers: studio 88
Red pumps: Edgars
Hand bag: Jealousy
Bandana: Boutique
Gold detail belt: Boutique
Gold chain: Mr price
Gold cross bracelet: YDE
Smile: Mommy

Fufukins  here looking like a action hero about to kick butt hahaha.
Her look
Plain white long sleeve V-neck t-shirt: Mr Price
Denim sleeveless studded jacket: Mr Price
Camou shorts: Boutique
Black studded boots: Blaze
Gold chocker: Sass diva
White bandana: Boutique
Nerd glasses: Legit
Nails: Done by Brian
Attitude: Mommy

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