We loves us something OLD something New #VINTAGE #FASHION #REFRESHED #90’S #ERA #STYLE VS #SWAG

We raiding our folks trunks, wardrobes or whatever it is they keeping their old clothes in, that awesome feeling of wearing something older than you.

It is said that Vintage Clothing should be at least 25 years old to 2 seasons ago and have that quality of being made back in the days but still be wearable in stylish way.

“Collectables are about heritage, craftsmanship, quality, good design and style. If a design can withstand time, then it is a solid investment. Wearing vintage provides an opportunity to sport beautifully made clothes that are individual, a unique piece of history and, above all, vintage is environmentally friendly because it is a recycled product” – Kerry Taylor

below is a friend of ours ‘ Zama Charlotte Msomi’, who has mad love for the vintage look and she pulls it off quite well, bringing back those old looks with a modernized touch.

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