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Its day 4 of the Fashion Capital campaign and we excited about this one 🙂 Call It Spring is a store that would appeal to your younger generation its fresh, innovative, beach or street wear kind of store and you could win a R200 voucher to indulge in Spring.

Sooo…im sure you know what to do by now get yourself to Call It Spring at The Pavilion Mall Durban, drag yourself if you have to,  take time off your lunch if you must (that’s what we would do) and Find the “Fashion Capital” board, snap a selfie and upload it onto the social networks (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) using the #LovePav #LovePavFashion hashtags.


South Africa opened its first Call It Spring store in 2012 and currently operates in seven locations. Including the Pavilion! talk about exclusive…

The Call It Spring Identity
Home to the latest footwear and accessories, Call It Spring reflects up to the minute trends that are easy on the pocketbook. Created for original thinkers Call It Spring is the perfect place to experiment with personal style, to debut a new look, to figure out the meeting point between individuality and discovery.
The Call It Spring Recipe
Drawing inspiration from the streets, the culture and of course, the trade and runway shows, our product developers delve into the world’s fashion capitals and their individual fashion trends wholeheartedly. Working up to a year in advance, our product developers are always ahead of the game, making it their mission to know what’s next.
The Call It Spring Promise
We never lose sight of our vision: to make people feel good, through the products and the service we provide every day. We are dedicated to providing Total Customer Service.

Call It Spring History
Call It Spring is an ALDO Group brand. Founded by Aldo Bensadoun, the first ALDO store opened its doors in 1972 in Montreal. Today, the company boasts over 1,600 retail stores in over 65 countries worldwide. The Call It Spring brand was founded in 1991, and today operates over 200 stores worldwide.
Most recently, Call It Spring has partnered with JCPenney, one of America’s leading retailers, to open 500 shop-in-shops across the United States in Fall 2011. As part of its journey, Call It Spring will also be expanding into the Southern Hemisphere and the United Kingdom in 2012. Be on the lookout for exciting new store openings across the globe. 

If we were you we’d be at the Pavilion parking bays by now….Have Fun!

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