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What the ! do I wear to the Captains Table???: Accessories Edition

Interesting people, high end fashion, good food and enjoyable conversation are among some of the things to look forward to at the Captain’s Table….let’s get you ready shall we!

When you’re invited to the Captains Table it’s seen as an honor, an honor that one shouldn’t take lightly. When invited to the Captains Table it simply means you’ve earned a seat at the table because your a frequent cruiser, a high roller or you simple caught the attention of important people. With this invitation comes great responsibility, responsibility not only to yourself but to the public as well, in a way that all all eyes will be on you since you’re part of a big conglomerate so you need to treat it as such. Now down to the nitty gritties what does one to wear to the such an occasion? Well thats why were here 🙂 We’re teaming up The Pavilion Mall with once again to make sure you’re ready.

This week we’ll be taking you through accessories, going through which accessories to wear from head to toe. Todays choice of accessories are Jewelry. We’ve put together some pieces we’d love to see at the July this year ranging from YDE, Forever New, Lovisa and many more that to can get your hands on at The Pavillion stores today.

We love Lovisa they always have the perfect tools for any occasion and in this case they are fully on Royal accessories:

Forever New would be a lovely place to start, their jewelry line by British Orelia Brand would be ideal for the occasion:

Perfect Royal Combination: If you’re the type that like keeping things simple then this would be ideal for you as this range
highlights how beautiful and elegant simplicity can be. Now available at Forever New at The Pavilion.

Lets take look at what Tessa a jewelry designer from YDE has for us:

These are just some of the pieces we loved by Tessa, Top: Asymmetrical crystal encrusted drop down earrings ,
Left: Gold cuff with royal cut out pattern, Right: Sterling silver crystal encrusted cuff, Bottom: Rose gold drop hoop earrings  with some sparkles to to add some shine.

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