The Faux Fur Gilet

Educational: how to pronounce #Faux – say it like Fo/Foh like how you would say Bow but without the B.

Okay so whats popular this winter is the Faux Fur Gilet, whether its the vest or the full coat this is a must have this season. Its warming and adds a very cosy touch to the look. The Gilet can be worn in any way and suits any look from casual to chic and formal.

The gilet originated from your day to day waistcoat that were worn a lot in the ancient times, actually thats what a gilet is.

Today the gilets are often worn as an outer layer, for extra warmth outdoors.  Fashion gilets may be made of cloth or fake fur, or knitted. 

So ladies make sure you have this baby for this winter. 

Yours Warmley♥♥♥

Our favourite looks by Palesa here below ♥

NNSTYLECARTEL’S Mehloe rocks the crop gilet vest twice in formal a grunge-chic ♥

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