Hey you Fashionistas and Lookers

We gonna get right to the point about our decision to blog  first before releasing our clothing line…… grab a cup, sit back and read along. ★


We knew exactly where we want to be in FASHION, most of what we know about fashion is self taught, all done in our spare times. We do as much research as we can and associate ourselves mostly with people that speak our language.

Since our life revolves around fashion we thought we might as well share our love and passion with the whole WORLD!!

We believe in what we portray and often told that we are trendsetters…… We try!


We then decided to blog, to us the idea was to get a foundation for our brand and image. We believe that people should know who you are, your taste in fashion, your styling ablities and the efforts that you do  to maintain the “image”. We enjoying sharing our art of dressing up, nothing feels as good as to be honoured and complimented about your unique sense of fashion. Then people want a “piece” of u which opens a pipeline to launch a brand.

It could’ve been an online magazine but we decided on blogging because it allows more interaction and feedback,  and we loooove to here from our viewers.  Blogging to us is like a diary, a lookbook of some sort where we can hang all our stylish laundry and get people to see it and comment on it.


Now is the time to launch, we’ve  been asked by a number of our viewers to sell to them, and the ducks are all in a row. While the pot cooks we would like to give you just a taste and smell of what to expect from us.

As soon as we have samples in hand, you will be the first to see and able to comment on the products…. We are ver excited for you guys.

Have great day,

In fashion… we Love you’ll ♥♥♥


Before we say goodbye we thought we should show you how much we appreciate the support you guys constantly give us by giving away 2 Prizes, well Start with the Ladies prize for now.

Soooo were giving away this Amazing gold neck piece to one lucky WINNER!!!! 🙂

This is what you have to do…..

  1. Follow us on Instagram @NNSTYLECARTEL
  2. Post(Instagram) or Send(email) us a selfie with the caption from your favourite NNSTYLECARTEL article 
  3. Tag @nnstylecartel and #nnstylecartelgold

May the Best Lady Win!!!!!!

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